Thursday, May 14, 2015

Thursday Animation Highlights!

You guys, there is way too much cool stuff out there for me to limit this to just one highlight. I’ll try to be quick.

Paul Robertson’s doing it again at Adult Swim! His work is always a little cute, a wee bit oddball but always entertaining. He also lives over here on tumblr but he has an incredibly flashy background. Be ye warned. 
Over at Motiga they’re working on a game called Gigantic, which they describe as brawler/shooter/action RPG with influence from several genres. I can’t believe I haven’t heard more about it before, because I’m watching the alpha gameplay footage from last year and I’m TICKLED AS HELL.

Here’s a more cinematic trailer. 

Aiiiieeeee i love this art style! I love the 2D/3D look, I love these varied character bodies, giant monster battles, and everybody moves with some promising distinct personality. They’re currently open for testers if you’re as curious as I am! 
No free cookies awarded for guessing my favorite so far is Tyto. 
Lastly is a proof of concept trailer for a film called Kariba from artists based in South Africa. 

Kariba is about the real-world events around the Zambezi river dam and the local legend’s river spirit that threatens it. You can see concept art and read more about it over at Cartoon Brew.
I can't yell enough about how great it is to see diverse artistic voices from all over making cool stuff that represents their homes and cultures and sharing it with the world. More of this, please and thank you.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

*dusts off blog*

May resolution! Get back into using this blog, and those 51 challenges aren't gonna do themselves!

Let's start off the month with sharing something a little crazy. This was done entirely with rubik’s cubes! I’ve never solved a rubik’s cube in my life (mind, I've never really tried) so this bit of stopmotion is quite amazing on several levels. I get a little distracted every time I watch it, because I'm trying to figure out how exactly one would have to manipulate a cube to get these results.



Friday, September 12, 2014

51 Animation Challenges 3 - A Falling Brick

I've been running around so much lately that I totally forgot about these challenges! Back on the wagon! Here's the third challenge, a falling brick.

Spoiler: The brick falls at the end.

Monday, August 18, 2014

This is a neat little resource, real time life drawing sessions on youtube! A good mix of body types, too. Really great for quick practice, and definitely a different experience from other life drawing resources online that only use still photos.

NSFW for nudity, obviously.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Wow, do I ever need to dust off this old thing. Here we go!

Decided to hop into the 51 Animation Exercises from Animator Island! It starts off simple enough, with a couple of flavors of ball bounces.

Week 1: Looping ball bounce

Week 2: Bounce the ball across the screen

Next week, the FALLING BRICK.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

I have never:

1. Painted a blue skintone.


3. Painted a white thing with another color.


So I borrowed Mass Effect's asari aliens to help me do both.

I like drawing faces a lot, which is why they usually have the most detail, etc. Must stop doing that!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Just a few today. Animation Mentor starts up soon and I'm so excited for it I think I might puke.

Some 2D WIP stuff!

Click for full view, as always.


National Gallery. My brother takes pictures and sometimes I paint from them.

... I wonder if you can actually paint inside the National Gallery?

A friend and I are batting around ideas for a TF2 map. I really love some of the inaccessible areas in TF2, which usually hold things like mysterious figures in front of fireplaces, remote control frogs, wooden cows, computers, seeeeecret briefcases and the like, so I wanted to think about that tiny corner of the world for a little bit.

Y-yes, that fireproof suit does belong to who you think it does.